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We are Avon Containner Stretch Film Manufacturers in Faridabad, Stretch Wrapping Film, and suppliers in India. Our expert and dynamic professional team makes these stretch films to bring them superior quality in compliance with international standards. Being a reputed industry, we provide our valued clients with the best quality stretch film at reasonable prices.


In Avon Packaging, the Stretch film roll are produced under the supervision and by the assistance of professionals that make sure the toughness and quality of the rolls are the finest. In addition, for any reason Avon Packaging guarantees a refund of 100% of the consumer’s money. The about status shows that Avon has high-quality customer service team that is always available to help customers and clients if and when they need help. Since the firms are manufacturers, they also utilize the straight from factory price.

Stretch Film

Avon Containner (P) Ltd. is among the few dominant Stretch Film Manufacturers in Faridabad. Here is stretch flim with the best quality and lowest price we can offer. Here we are specializing in manufacturing and supplying all kinds of Stretch Film for which it is available in various capacities. These are produced and constructed with the help of highly skilled and experienced operators and technicians with the best production materials like polymers. Companies exporting and supplying stretch flim in India. That is why we happily make these Stretch Flim available to our extremely valuable clients at the lowest prices at the market.

Salient Features

  • High tensile strength and puncture / tear resistance group.
  • Moisture, dust, dirt, and pilferage is locked out by a superior security and protection seal on all products.
  • Protects Furniture & Bed, Mattress & Large Loads from Transit Abuse
  • Improves Containment of Load
  • Enhances Safety of Employees
  • Recyclable
  • Can Be Supplied in Different Colors
Sizes & Specifications: Stretch Cling Film is available in different Widths ranging from 12 INCH Virgin Stretch film 23 Micron 3.5 kg with Thickness ranging From 23 Mic to 50 Mic. Second, it comes in two grades and seems to serve the same purpose as SAS, but includes edits for rounding differences. That is, there is one department with the designation of Manual Packaging and another with Machine Packaging.

Areas of Application

It has also being used in all sort of industries for covering of Palletized shipment, Cartons, Boxes, Coils, rolls and cylindrical products. It is prevalently utilised in printings across the several types of industries to pack diverse products. Some of them are as follows:Some of them are as follows:
Maintenance & Repair; Industrial equipment & tools; Speciality and Industrial Minerals; Ferro alloys; Lead & Zinc; Copper & Aluminium; Locomotive & Rollover Coaches; Aluminum Products; Cables & Conductors; Electronic products; Copper Wire; Engineering Products; Furniture; Fabricated Products; Jute Yarn; Synthetic Yarn; Hits Services; Chemical; Food Products; Bricks & Pavers; Packaged Products, Paper Rolls

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